Building Decentralized Finance

Constructing Decentralized Service System

The development of AITD is a groundbreaking and innovative epic revolution, which lays the solid foundation for "Decentralization Market".

What is AITD Blockchain?

AITD Public Blockchain is the new generation at business level, which is dedicating to build broad digital trust, digital assets circulation, public sharing applied Blockchain ecological network, which is setting Universal Deposit, Universal Transfer and Universal Exchange as its goal. We are building the infrastructure with flowing value through core technologies such as innovative consensus algorithm, and multi-layer protocol structure, developer-friendly smart contracts and providing financial infrastructure services for the whole world.

Our dream is“Connect the World, Crypto Enlighten the Future”.

AITD Characteristics

Decentralized Payment

We are highly integrating with various financial transaction types in reality, which supports P2P transactions and other professional payment types, applying for various economic activities.

Able to Extend In Large Scale

We are developing advanced TPS Layer 2 network featured with asynchronous verification, parallel transaction, low service fee and theoretically unlimited TPS(Transaction Per Second)etc, enabling it to carry more concurrent business scenarios.

Secure and Efficient

We have proposed a highly efficient consistent consensus algorithm STTC that anyone can participate in the group trust verification lists and initiatively perform Byzantine Fault Tolerant Protocol, which achieves balance between trait and decentralization and ensures the long-term secure development of networks.

Perfected Ecological Environment

We are using optimized AITD Virtual machine (AVM) which is compatible with EVM on Ethereum perfectly so that all public chain projects can construct self-consensus and participate in other users' consensus through SpeedX Network Protocol.

Necessary Components

We are providing necessary conditions for connecting Layer 2 Network Protocol to provide original medium for the change of digital assets.

Providing Mobility

AITD, in the form of Blockchain, acts as a current asset in the economy and a convertible retained asset in all AITD commercial applications based on open, fairness and transparency.

Trust Foundation

We are providing atom trust to build the SpeedX network in AITD,which is the pre-condition for smoothly transferring users' assets on and off the chain.

AITD Function

Technical Components

Consensus Algorithm

AITD's consensus algorithm refers to maintain the consistency of node to synchronize data in Blockchain networks through the Byzantine Fault-Tolerant Algorithm and ensure the data credible and unchangeable through the generation and voting of trust nodes under the circumstances of arbitrary asynchronous and arbitrary number of tolerated arbitrary behavior.

Anti-Quantum Encryption and Secure Multi-Party Computation

AITD can confront the security threats caused by quantum computers to assets on the chain in the future, and has begun to form technical reserves in secure multi-party computation. In the technical pre-research program, our anti-quantum computer is completed based on the LWE lattice cryptosystem. On this basis, we will introduce fully homomorphic encryption based on this theoretical system to complete related secure multi-party calculations.

Smart Contract

AITD Public Blockchain contracts include two types-----on-chain contract and off-chain contract. On-chain contract is a built-in contract in AITD public Blockchain, which can be operated directly on the chain, including assets consistency check, auto deal matchmaking, multi-party confirmed transfer, due date auto settlement. Off-chain contract is moving on chain contract to off chain through SpeedX Network, which will dramatically improve operation efficiency.

SpeedX Network

The Economic Development is based on the Leapfrog Development of productivity. Technology, as the core of productivity, plays an important role in leaping from Stone Age to Information Age. The division of layer, essentially, is a leapfrog technical development. This is what we called "Lay 2". It's based on the Lay 1 to provide better expansibility, privacy, usability. SpeedX, which is based on the Layer 2 Network Protocal, has advanced transaction per second(TPS) and customization through locking on chain and making transaction off chain.

Cross-Chain Gateway

Gateway refers to connect AITD ledger to other types of businesses around the world, which is responsible for dealing with currency's deposit and withdrawal to exchange the currency in AITD ledger for the equal value of the published currency in AITD Ledger. Gateway is the corporation which is to provide an in-and-out AITD Ledger channel. Published currencies are linked with the currency beyond AITD ledger and other types of holding assets. Gateway can freeze the accounting relationship within AITD ledger currency to satisfy regulatory requirement.

Underlying Protocol

SpeedX (layer 2) incorporates two basic protocol---RSMC(Recoverable Sequence Maturity Contract) and HTLC(Hashed Timelock Contract) during the transaction verification procedure in the underlying public Blockchain to freeze on-chain and off-chain assets and redeem off-chain to on-chain assets.

Road Map


Complete basic structure design of public Blockchain

The unit test of basic module of public Blockchain

Basic construction of consensus


Add smart contract realization

Related smart contract's verification and external tool connection

Smart contract transaction impact range control and risk evaluation


Design underlying consensus extension

Demonstrate details of RSMC and HTLC realization

Add related test cases


Achieve RSMC and HTLC

Complete the coordination with public Blockchain

Pressure and integration test


Complete underlying consensus extension

SpeedX Network Layer 2 Protocol modification

Add related test cases

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