About AITD

AITD is dedicating to build a decentralized large scale network. The data is controlled by data transmitter which can protect participants' privacy and security, enabling the human society to get rid of server. What's more, it performs better in security compared to traditional server, and can definitely prevent third party from selling out our personal privacy information.

As the "Unicorn" in the Blockchain industry , we are proceeding collaboration with first class academic institutions, and creating our own technical backup in anti-quantum encryption and security multi-party computation. Homostasis encrypted standard technology will be our goal to research anti-quantum encryption and multi-party security and AITD team will research on how homostasis encrypted standardized technology applies in business environment.

Hemostasis Encryption Standardized

PALISADE is an open-source project that aims to realize lattice cipher building Block and leading homomorphic encryption schemes. PALISADE now supports the BGV, BFV, CKKS, and FHEW schemes and a more secure variant of the TFHE scheme, including bootstrapping. PALISADE also provides post-quantum public-key encryption, proxy re-encryption, threshold FHE for multi-party computations, identity-based encryption, attribute-based encryption and digital signature support.

Based on the collaboration between PALISADE community and Daniele Micciancio from UCSD and his PhD student Baiyu Li, we have developed an enhancement to CKKS that addresses their recently published observation ( But it may not be strong enough for some special practical applications that use approximate homomorphic encryption schemes such as CKKS, IND-CPA module.

DAPP Developing Direction

If you have your own development team, we can provide basic public Blockchain services to you, and we will expand in-depth cooperation with you based on each project and share the users of our public Blockchain. We believe that AITD will take a place in the Blockchain industry.

Decentralized Cross Chain Exchange

Based on the AITD public Blockchain, you can exchange assets with various public Blockchains in the SpeedX network through connecting SpeedX network and you do not have to worry about the long arrival time affecting the price of assets, because the exchange of assets is realized off the chain. Only by forming a channel with the SpeedX network of the AITD public Blockchain, the assets of the channel will be exchanged to the public Blockchain you want.

DEFI Cross Chain Polymerizer

We are building cross chain DEFI platform. This is because current DEFI platforms are based on influential public Blockchain, which is not good for the development of basic chain in Blockchains. Therefore, we hope to achieve direct exchange between different public Blockchains to help various public Blockchain to start our own DEFI businesses.

Decentralized DEFI Insurance

We are constructing a DEFI Insurance Protocol to initiate direct claims for decentralized DEFI insurance agreements once code-audited DEFI projects have contract vulnerabilities, hacking attacks. The development team can transfer partial fundraising capitals to construct insurance protocols to minimize the risks for projects participants, and encourage participants to actively promote the project.

Decentralized Cross Chain Loan

Decentralized loan projects are built on the mainstream public Blockchain in the market, which needs to issue derivative benchmarking assets in the mainstream public Blockchain. However, cross-chain lending can be realized through AITD SpeedX network. We hope that the development team can ensure that users can switch encumbered assets at any time during the huge fluctuation period of the market.